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Oversight of your property

We can take care of your apartment / property while you are not here or has it rented.  The following things is standard for us:

  • Watching that no damage has occurred on your property, such as burglary or vandalism
  • Flush the drain in all places
  • Make sure no leaks from water pipes
  • When garden, pick up garbage and branches that may have fallen down, however, no gardening
  • Checks that any furniture outside is in place and stowed
  • Checks the postbox
  • Contacting handymans if something happened that must be fixed
  • Contacting the insurance companies if needed

Normally we do this at least once a month. If you wish for more frequent oversight, contact us and we will find certainly a solution to that. We report to you every time we have been and performed oversight so you are up to date that everything is okay

The price for this service is:

  • Price from 150 € / year depending on where the property is located, one invoice / year
  • Extra driving addition oversight to meet up with handyman, insurance, etc: 20 € / opening, invoiced monthly
  • All prices are excluding IVA 21% (VAT)

Contact us for more information or reservation of our service.

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